Tuesday, September 8, 2009

But there aren't beautiful beaches in Wisconsin!

My dream location:


(ok, so it's not always that bad...)
That's right, we are getting married in Wisconsin. I've let go of the beach wedding dream, and for good reason. Other than me, the most important people in the P's life are his grandparents. They've always been there for him (especially when his family was going through difficult times), and they are truly amazing people. So amazing, that they love and accept me even though I am not Catholic, and they are completely fine with us having a non-religious ceremony. (and they are reeeeally Catholic, like attend church every day Catholic) Anyway, they are both over 80 and can't travel long distances anymore. In addition, P has another family member that we are both close with that can't fly because of a medical condition.
So it just started to make sense to plan a Wisconsin wedding. The wedding will be in Madison, where we both lived during grad school and is very special to us. His family will easily be able to drive in, and it is a great city for all of our friends who will be coming in from out of town.
And you know what? I'm not even upset about the whole beach wedding thing. Because honoring the people we love is more important than following a vision that I had in my head. Enough said.

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