Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing with colors

When we first got engaged, I got the idea of navy bridesmaids dresses stuck in my head. I thought about just picking whatever color closest to navy that J.Crew had in their dress line, and letting my bridesmaids pick whatever they wanted.

A bridal party with a similar idea:

However, the more I thought about/looked at color combinations with navy dresses, I kept coming up with navy/yellow/white, or navy/pink/some other color. Those combinations are wonderful, but they are just not me, and just did not feel right.

So I let go of the navy bridesmaid idea and started to look at inspiration photos to see what I loved/felt drawn too. (FYI, I have free reign here as long as I don't "go overboard with the pink."  Got it.)

Here is what I kept being drawn to:

All images via Style Me Pretty
This vision was just so much more us. It's not really about the color palette (although soft green, lilac, light pink, ivory, and gold do seem to keep coming up), but more about the vision. I keep being drawn to a shabby-chic, casual elegance theme. And that is something I can plan around.
I may come up with a defined color palette if I need to, but for now, I am going to let my vision and inspiration photos do the work.
Now if only I could figure out what the bridesmaids should wear....

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  1. That color palette is just gorgeous! It totally lends itself to casual elegance and you can easily incorporate a shabby chic vibe!


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