Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will you be my bridesmaid?

In asking my lovely ladies to be my bridesmaids, I knew that I wanted to do something special. All of my bridesmaids live long distance from me (2 in California, 2 in Michigan, and one in Florida), so I couldn't ask them in person.

And so the search for bridesmaid cards began!

A DIY option:
Once Wed  Disclaimer: I could never do this. My friends would laugh out loud and want to know when the wedding had gotten to my brain.  I'm not exactly a paper doll sort of a girl.

And then I stumbled upon Etsy and found that there is a whole genre of bridesmaids cards.  Seriously, I was overwhelmed. Finally, I found an option that fit my style/price range and ordered them up.

Here they are:

Etsy Seller SongbirdPie
I'm digging the rustic vibe of these cards. She added each girl's name to the top and even made me a MOH and junior bridesmaid card. This seller was wonderful to work with and the cards were less than $2 each, w/envelopes.
Of course, I ended up calling all of them first because I just couldn't wait, but all of my ladies loved their cards. My favorite response was a text that read "Of course I will be your bridesmaid, you crafty little minx". I love my friends.

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