Thursday, March 25, 2010

The best wedding fight I'm letting him win

So P doesn't really care about too many wedding details.  However, the details he does care about he has very strong opinions about.

For instance:
  • no halter top wedding gown - please don't even ask.  For some reason, I think he once saw a somewhat questionable looking bride in a halter style gown and thinks any halter style looks a bit slutty.  I for one, have no boobs, so I am incapable of looking slutty in anything, but I didn't even need to argue this point because I'm not a huge halter fan anyway.
  • no fancy wedding cake - no problem, I don't want one either
  • no weird DJ - again, we are on the same page here
  • no garter toss, bouquet toss, etc. - ditto
But the most important thing to him is music.  Since we are iPod DJ-ing it up, we have total control here.  He is more concerned about the slower music, as the hip hop/dance music is more my department.  He has been steadily working away at our cocktail hour/dinner music playlist, and it is a thing of beauty.  I will get around to posting it soon, I promise.

Here comes the disagreement: our first dance.  We both have songs we love.  I presented mine, which he really liked.

It's great, right?  But then he hit me with his:

He has put this song on countless mixes for me, it is a cover of a Will Oldham song, and it is so perfect.  Seriously, when we listened to it and thought about it being our first song, we both got a little teary.

So I'm letting him win this one.  'Cause his is way better.  (Just don't tell him that.)


  1. I think this one was a good one to loose!

  2. No weird DJ, huh? You don't want some creepy guy in a glittery vest announcing your entrance like your guests are at a monster truck rally? We're self-DJing as well! (He's a little indie/metal and I'm a little old school R&B.) I look forward to your seeing your playlist!


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