Friday, February 5, 2010

Ummm, yeah...

So I stopped blogging for a while.  Why?  Well, a couple of reasons:
-I started this blog because I was applying to blog on a site with a bunch of brides, and when my application was turned down, I was a little bummed.
-Reading over some of my entries (not all) I realized I didn't sound like me. Perhaps it was because I was trying to fit the personality of the website I was applying to?  I'm not sure.   But I'm really much more direct, honest, and a touch sarcastic than I was coming off in some of my sugary sweet posts.  The posts I like the most?  The ones where I am being real and honest, and the ones that reflect my personal style.

So here's to more of that.  And thanks to The Bowie Bride, for leaving me a comment that made me realize what I liked about blogging in the first place.  So this should be better now.  I'm blogging about what speaks to me, not what I think might fit in with another website.  Here goes nothin'...


  1. yep. i applied to be a 'bee on weddingbee too. (i'm assuming this is the site you are referring to). and i was deeply hurt by it. so much so that i too didn't understand why i was blogging anymore after rejection. my writing style was a little too "out there" for them. a little too snarky, comedic, sarcastic, profane, and offbeat... which is probably true... haha. and from that, i realized that NO, i don't want to censor my writing, or lower my freak flag just so i can fit into weddingbee's brand. that's not me. that's not my wedding. and it's certainly not the purpose of my blog. and ever since then, i've been freed - i write about what i want, how i want, and am able to be as honest as i want, with no apologies. this wedding has been a blast to plan and blog about as a result.

    so, for me, getting rejected by weddingbee was a good thing. i've found so many wonderful brides not associated with weddingbee. our own little "hive" of sorts. and i rarely even pay attention to the 'bee anymore. your wedding sounds a little on the offbeat side - shabby chic - not cookie-cutter princess-y. so come join our little community of progressive brides. everyone is absolutely fabulous in their own special way. a few of my favorite ladies: broke ass bride, cupcake wedding, a los angeles love, A Bride's Brain, anna and the ring, souris marriage, big mouth bride, landlocked bride, cape cod bride,the alternative wife, veiled vows, burning river bride, honey my heart, mason jar bride.. just to name a few... :)
    these ladies have been amazing to me. and i highly recommend you check them out.

    i for one am very much looking forward to reading about your wedding. Here. on YOUR personal blog. So you better stick to it, lady. and fly that freak flag as high as you want to! cheers to anything goes and to planning a wedding that reflects you two as a couple!

  2. Yep, it was Weddingbee. Consider me in. Can't wait to check all of those fabulous ladies' blogs out.

  3. I wonder if every bride stumbles upon the wedding bee and daydreams about blogging for them! With her cutsie avatar and miss name. I suppose somedays I dreamed more about being a Bee than actually getting married. Wtf!

    But, really... I rather blog about hard stuff than the same posts about photographers and dresses. I'm about ready to break up with the bee, 'cause it's the same old stuff, new bride.
    (No offense to the bee of course- it was an excellent starting point...)
    Maybe I'm just tired for wedding porn blogs and looking for more authentic blogging.


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