Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ebay find

So we've talked about my obsession with shoes and my eBay problem, right?  It's not exactly a problem, per se, since I manage to score fabulous discounts.  It's just that I may score these fabulous discounts a bit too often. But now let me share what happens when you combine the power of Ebay with the wonders of Etsy.
I was searching for my wedding shoes one day when I stumbled upon these:
What?  Those are Kate Spades? Floor samples? And they are how much?  10 dollars?

Yep, that's right.  10 dollars.  Now clearly, one of the shoes is missing the bow, but this did not worry me.  I knew I would figure something out.  Then I discovered vintage shoe clips on Etsy and found these beauties:

Ooh, hello!  How would you like to be attached to some Kate Spade's?

And that is how I scored/created these beautiful designer shoes with a personal touch

for less than $25!

I think that they will definitely be worn for the rehearsal dinner, and I will just find a dress that works with them!

Have you scored any amazing deals during your wedding planning?


  1. That is a great find. Haven't started planning the wedding yet (we're technically not engaged yet!) but we did find the sapphire for my e-ring, at about 90% less than what we would have had to pay for it at a jeweler here.


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