Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The perfect ringbearer

I love the idea of having our dog as our ringbearer.  We rescued and raised him together.  (But please don't feel bad for him, he was a puppy who was bottle-fed because his mother was rescued and was too weak to feed him!)  He has about a thousand nicknames (Tobes, Puppers, Toblerone, Tobias, Toby McGuire, Little Man, etc.) and we both love him a little more than we'd like to admit.
I mean come on, look at that face:

He is the cute brown one smiling at the camera, not the black blur of our friend's dog he was playing with.

Unfortunately, we are going to be flying back to Wisconsin for our wedding and we really don't want to fly him with us.  For one, it is pretty expensive and would be a hassle we don't need.  The second reason is we think he may have a little puppy breakdown in the back of the plane since he is way too big to be a fashionable carry-on.  He just gets so nervous, I really don't think he could handle it.
So, I think we may just carry eachother's rings, instead of having a ringbearer.  I like this idea and the significance of it, but I am slightly freaked out that P would forget mine, or I wouldn't know how to carry his (it's not like I could wear it on my finger).
Ideas and advice are welcome!

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  1. Totally understand your dilemma - we live a staggering 16 hours of flying away from home (plus an hour of driving on either end), so bringing furry friends home with us for the wedding is not an option :o(

    I like the idea of your carrying each others' rings - I don't think I've ever heard of that before, and I may just have to steal the idea now! ;o) And I think that carrying the ring in can be solved by attaching it to your bouquet. You could either tie it on with ribbon, or you could tie/sew/whatever a special little pouch onto the stem of the bouquet.

    ~Danielle (aka Amerikanka from OBT)


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