Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Save the Date choices - Help!

One day, while trolling Etsy and searching for Save the Dates, I stumbled upon these:

Vintage-style Save the Date postcards!  About 90% of our guests will be traveling into Madison, so it is almost like a destination wedding. The postcards will be a great way to invite them to come to Madison, and show them what our (old) beautiful city looks like!  The seller, Beyonddesign, will create custom Save the Date postcards from old vintage postcard images she finds, and then designs to meet your needs.  These were exactly what we've been looking for.    She was amazing to work with, and was great with making changes based on our feedback.  She gave us SO MANY options, but we have narrowed it down to two choices.

Option A

Option B

I love them for such different reasons!  Option A has such a fun, vintage vibe and it really showcases a lot of the different parts of Madison that we love.  Option B shows one of my favorite views of Madison, which you see right when you are driving in, and it shows off one of the lakes.
I just can't decide!  Please help!


  1. I love those! What a fabulous way to showcase Madtown! Personally, I like option A with the vintage view of downtown, but the cool shot from across the lake in option B is pretty sweet too! Really, you can't choose wrong.

  2. Thanks! The boy is leaning towards option A as well, but I think I love them both!


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