Monday, October 26, 2009

My picture problem

We've secured our amazing photographer for a ridiculous deal, and beautiful pictures are one of the most important wedding elements for us. We know what kind of pictures we want, and our photographer completely understands and shares our vision. So everything should be perfect, right?
You see, I am the opposite of photogenic. I've never liked the way that I look in pictures, and it's made me a bit camera shy.
My problem started in middle school, when I should have gotten braces. Due to family issues, I was not able to, and actually never went to the dentist during my late childhood and teens. Because of this, I was really embarrassed about my teeth. So embarrassed in fact, I did not talk to anyone about this until I was 24 YEARS OLD. I did have my teeth fixed, but after so many years of hiding my smile, it's been difficult to get used to smiling in pictures.

I also show a lot of gum when I smile sometimes (does anyone else have this problem?), which I really hate.  I know this sounds so superficial, and I am actually wincing while writing this, but it is an issue that I am worried about.  On our wedding day, I want to be comfortable, and not worried about how the pictures look.  On the other hand, I don't want a bunch of pictures with my weird looking smile! 

I'm thinking of just being really open and honest with our photographer about this prior to our wedding day.  Any other suggestions?  Please be gentle, this is a sensitive issue for me!


  1. You're going to be a beautiful bride who will shine on her wedding day - the best pictures that are captured are the ones that you don't even know are being taken so just savor every moment of your special day and let your photographer capture your blissful state! : )

  2. @From Marriage to Motherhood - you are incredibly sweet, and I cherish that advice. Thank you.

  3. just stumbled across your blog. very inspirational as i feel many of the same feelings you do. i, too, have a "gummy smile" and it's bothered me since i was old enough to care. we just got our engagement pictures taken and my favorite picture was a closeup of my fiance and i on a swing set. he's looking back at me from his swing and i'm sitting there with a gummy smile. it took awhile for me to like it, but then i realized that it must have been a genuine smile as i didn't think to correct the gumminess. now i love it. i hope you realize that your true smile is the most gorgeous and you'll look stunning on your wedding day - gummy smile and all! :)


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