Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making our photography dreams come true (part 3 - the finale!)

The morning of the giveaway, I woke up really early (which was impressive, given that I was working nights at a restaurant and prepping for our move to NOLA) and proceeded to check Kara Layne's blog every 2 minutes. (And yes, I realized that Kara is in Mountain Standard Time, and it was an hour EARLIER there.  But I just couldn't wait!)  Finally, right before I was about to give up and take my poor dog for a walk, I saw this on her blog:

Ummmm, yeah that's us!  WE WON!  Are you kidding me?!?!?! I have NEVER won anything in my life.  And I have entered tons of contests!

All we have to do is pay for her travel and accommodation costs, which really is nothing compared to what she is giving us.  We are both incredibly excited and grateful for her generosity.  So thanks to Kara, we will be able to have amazing pictures like this:

...and still stay in our budget.  Thank you Kara!

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