Monday, October 12, 2009

Elegantly Navigating Family Issues: Semantics

When a bride and a groom from divorced families decide to tie the knot, there are A LOT of issues that come up during wedding planning that I absolutely did not expect.   I think that this is something that a lot of brides and grooms deal with, and need advice on. 

The first small issue that came up was invitation wording.  P's mother has been married to his stepdad (who P is incredibly close with) for years.  P's dad is not remarried, but has been with the same woman for many years, and she happens to be our florist-friendor!  My mother has been remarried for a couple of years to a man I am not very close with, and then we have my father, who is remarried, and who probably won't come.  Add all that to the fact that the groom's family will be paying for a large portion of the costs, we will be paying a portion, and the bride's mother will be paying a portion.  Is your head spinning yet?  Mine hurts.  Here is what I imagine our invitation will look like (in my worst nightmare):

Mrs. and Mr. Bride's mother
Mr. and Mrs. Bride's father (who probably won't show up)
invite you to join them in the celebration of love as their daughter,
is united in marriage to
son of Mrs. Groom's mom and Stepdad
and Groom's dad and partner (who won't like being at the end of the invite)

Woa.  OK, I know that would never happen but OMG. 
Then I began to search the blogs and saw the perfect wedding invitation wording:

Together with their families
The Bride
The Groom
would like you to come party with us! (or something like that)

Ahhhh.  Simplicity.  Perfect.
So what is the lesson we've learned today?  Keep it simple.

Have you had to elegantly navigate any family issues?  How have you handled it?

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  1. We went with wording like this as well, its also nice because I'm very close to my sisters and they are helping pull a lot of it together with me


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