Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making our photography dreams come true (part 2)

So less than a week after I sent in our entry, I received an email from Kara Layne!  She loved our story, thought we were a beautiful couple, and wanted us to know we were one of her four finalists!  I literally jumped out of my seat and danced around my room, scaring my poor dog into running and hiding under my roommate's desk.  I checked her blog later that day and found this:

(and underneath)

_______and_________/GETTING MARRIED MAY 29, 2010 in MADISON WISCONSIN
"____and_____ were destined to be together from the start.  Both in similar fields, they met on the bus on the way to their training as Teach For America teachers.  ____proposed at the end of March this year and two months later they both graduated from the same masters program.  They are currently working in New Orleans as part of the educational reform happening there.  Their story and their love are fabulous in every way."

That's about us!  I proceeded to email everyone I knew with the link to the blog, and then had to wait for 2 days until she randomly selected the finalists.

Here is the picture we sent in to Kara:

Please choose us!  PLEASE!

Next up, find out if we won! (I know, I am really drawin' this out, but this is BIG.)

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